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21st Congress International Primatological Society

What's new for IPS 2006

Movie Session

A movie session has been added to the scientific programs of the 2006 congress. The session will run like the parallel podium presentations but there will be 10-minute movie presentations instead of the talks. Each presentation will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Interested participants are invited to submit abstracts for review, in the format provided for abstracts. All presentations will be played from the hard drives and so you will be asked to submit your presentations on CD but NOT on CODECS.

Field Assistants

The IPS Council intends to acknowledge the contribution of range-country field assistants to the research findings of the long-term primate field sites. Research directors who can afford to do so are encouraged to come along with their field assistants. These assistants will attend the congress for two days (supported by their field directors) and participate in ad hoc activities to be organized for them outside the Congress. IPS will ask their directors to pay a 20 Dollars contribution (to be paid on site). Field Assistant participation will be acknowledged during the opening ceremony of the congress. They will be asked to write a short report about their IPS experience to be published in the IPS Bulletin.

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