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21st Congress International Primatological Society

IPS2006 International Primatology Congress Press Registration

Accredited journalists and reporters are invited to register and attend the IPS2006 Congress at no charge.

This event is the world's largest conference on Primatology dedicated to research, conservation and education.

The IPS2006 Congress presents journalists with tremendous opportunity for researching and filing related stories and for receiving updates on the most interesting studies on Primates.

Event information is as follows:

What: IPS 2006 XXI Congress of The International Primatological Society

When: 25-30 June, 2006

Where: Entebbe, Uganda

Additional services at the Congress will be available at charge and are not included in you free registration! For details (e.g. social dinner, cocktails, transport cards, etc.) please contact the committee

Please click here to download the PDF form, print it out, complete it and fax it to us.

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