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21st Congress International Primatological Society

Congress Overview

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Roundtables, Workshops & Symposia


1. Developing Effective Presentations: A Roundtable Discussion for Students and Field Assistants
Organizer: Katie Leighty

2. Nature Tourism & Primate Conservation: How they can work together.
Organizer: Julian Matthews

3. Primates and Poverty: Challenges and Opportunities.
Organizers: Vernon Reynolds & Tammie Bettinger

4. The Bushmeat Crisis: African Nations Take Action.
Organizers: J. Wallis, H. Eves, N. Bailey, J. Dupain


1. Data Management in Long-term Field Studies.
Organizer: Peter Kappeler

2. Teaching in the Trees: Field Courses in Primatology, a workshop sponsored by the IPS Committee for Education and Outreach.
Organizer: Lynne Miller

3. Predicting Great Ape Distributions Using Element Distribution Modeling Tools.
Organizer: Lilian Pintea


1. Primate Ecology, Adaptation, and Social Behavior at Ngogo.
Organizer: Gary P. Aronsen

2. Rainforest Sifakas – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
Organizers: S. J. Arrigo-Nelson, M. T. Irwin, and F. Ratelolahy

3. The Potential Impact of Standarisation and Variation in Captive Primates.
Organizer: Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith & Mark Prescott

4. Conservation Education at In-situ Primate Sanctuaries.
Organizer: Barbara Cartwright

5. Integrated Health Approach to Gorilla Conservation.
Organizers: Mike Cranfield & Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

6. The Mangabeys of Africa: Highly Threatened and Poorly Known.
Organizers: C.L. Ehardt, J.G. Else, & W.S. McGraw

7. Social Influences on Individual Behavior: from social contagion to social synchronization and cooperation. Evolutionary processes and constraints on the origins of social cognition.
Organizers: P.F. Ferrari, E. Addessi, & E. Visalberghi

8. Bonobos revisited: Ecology, behavior, genetics, and conservation. Part 2: Current status and perspectives for the future.
Organizers: Jo Thompson, Director, Lukuru Wildlife Research Project; Barbara Fruth, Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology; and Takeshi Furuichi, Professor, Meiji-Gakuin University.

9. Primate Reintroduction: A Tool for Conservation.
Organizer: Benoit Goossens

10. Primates and their Predators.
Organizer: Sharon Gursky

11. Cooperative Problem Solving in Primates. Organizer: Brian Hare

12. Primate Theory of Mind.
Organizer: Brian Hare

13. Conflict and Conservation: Can Non-human primates and farmers live together?
Organizers: Catherine Hill and Caroline Ross

14. Creatures of the Dark Revisited: A Reassessment of Diversity and Taxonomic Tools in Nocturnal Primates.
Organizer: Paul Honess

15. Human/Primate Interactions and Assessment of Normal Behaviour to Refine Primate Welfare.
Organizer: Robert Hubrecht

16. Primate Disease Ecology and Conservation.
Organizers: Sabrina Krief & Tony Goldberg

17. Prioritizing Populations for the Conservation of Primate Taxa.
Organizer: Mark Leighton

18. Remote Sensing Tools for Great Ape Research and Conservation: Current Applications and Future Needs.
Organizer: Lilian Pintea and Nadine LaPorte

19. Female Competition in Great Apes.
Organizers: Anne Pusey & Carson Murray

20. Nutritional Ecology of Primates in Uganda.
Organizers: Jessica Rothman & Colin Chapman

21. Current Perspectives in Primate Conservation Education.
Organizers: Anne Savage & Tammie Bettinger

22. Primate Psychoneuroimmunology.
Organizer: Steven J. Schapiro

23. Female Reproductive Strategies: Diversity Among the Apes.
Organizers: Rebecca Stumpf & Melissa Emery Thompson

24. Bonobos Revisited: Ecology, Behavior, Genetics and Conservation. Part 2: Current Status and Perspectives for the Future.
Organizer: Jo Thompson

25. Pitheciines: Ecology and Conservation
Organizers: Liza M. Veiga and Adrian A. Barnett

26. Orangutans Compared.
Organizer: Serge Wich

27. Intergroup aggression in wild primates.
Organizers: Michael Wilson and Richard Wrangham

28. Male Aggression Towards Females: Variation with Social System. Organizers: Martin Muller and Richard Wrangham

29. Predation and Primate Cognitive Evolution.
Organizer: Sharon Gursky

30. Special Video Session. Organizer: William Olupot

31. Poster Symposium: Bridging the gaps between experimental and naturalistic approaches in the study of primate behavior.
Organizers: N. J. Stevens and K. J. Carlson

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