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The Twenty-first Congress of the International Primatological Society (IPS) will be held from June 25-30, 2006 in Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa. All meetings will be held on the grounds of the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel. Information is available at the Congress website ( The opening reception will take place on the evening of June 25, 2006. Scientific meetings will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday June 26, and end on Friday June 30. The Congress dinner will be on Friday evening.

IPS is a multidisciplinary association of approximately 1000 professionals and students whose work is focused on nonhuman primates. In recent years, our biennial Congresses have attracted between 400 and 1600 registrants. Our members include veterinarians, geneticists, psychologists, physicians, neuroscientists, anthropologists, zoologists, conservation biologists, ethologists, zoo professionals, technical personnel, and field assistants mainly from universities, NGOs, zoological gardens, field stations, sanctuaries, and research facilities throughout the world. Both laboratory and field scientists are active members of this society, so there is great interest in data acquisition and analysis equipment and programs; tracking, navigation, and recording equipment; sanctuaries; databases; conservation efforts; research and biomedical instrumentation; books, journals and other information resources; captive enrichment devices, caging, diets, etc.

It is our hope that you will contribute to the success of our Congress by exhibiting materials from your organization. Exhibitors will be assigned space in proximity to the meeting and refreshment areas. Attendees will be free to examine the exhibits at their leisure from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. Exhibitors will be acknowledged in the Congress program to be published as a supplement to the International Journal of Primatology.

If you are interested in exhibiting materials at our Congress, please fill out the exhibitor's registration form (enclosed) and send (mail, fax, or email) it to me, along with the appropriate fee, by October 1, 2005. If you have additional questions about the meeting, either now or at any time before the meeting takes place, please feel free to contact me. Finally, if you are unable to exhibit materials for our Congress, but wish to offer support for the IPS, we ask that you consider a donation to our organization. Donors will be specially recognized in the published meeting program.


Exhibitor's Fees A skirted table (140 x 80 cm) for most of six days (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon) is $425.00 ($325.00 for nonprofit organizations). Sorry, no one- or two-day rates or half-table rates. These fees are not negotiable. The exhibitors’ space will be contiguous with the meeting rooms, registration area, poster session area, silent auction area, and the refreshment tables. Sale and exhibition of merchandise will be allowed only within the designated area and only by individuals registered for the Congress.

Registration Fees See the IPS Congress registration website ( for the fee schedule. These fees are not refundable. All exhibitors must register, and as such, are invited to the opening reception, coffee and tea breaks, evening receptions, and all scientific sessions.

Non-attending exhibitors The non-negotiable fee is $225 for shared table space for the display of brochures, journals, or books (20 book maximum). The Local Arrangements Committee in Uganda will set up your display and monitor it on a regular, but not continuous, basis. Books, journals, or brochures will not be returned, but will be donated to the libraries of the host institutions in Uganda.

Included with your exhibitor's fees

The number of skirted tables you request

Two chairs per table

A table-top sign with your organization's name

Power outlet available upon request

Equipment rental If you need a VCR, computer, monitor, phone line, internet connection, screen, power adapter, etc. please contact me for rental information. To guarantee that the equipment you want to rent is available, contact me before December 1, 2005. Please note that some requests will be difficult, if not impossible, to satisfy.

Set-up You may set up your display on Sunday July 25, 2006 beginning at 2 PM. Displays must be completely dismantled by 4 PM on Friday, June 30. Exhibits may be visited from 8 AM - 6 PM each full day and during poster sessions; the exhibit area will be secure, but we recommend the removal of any computer equipment each night.

Shipping/storage The mode of shipment of exhibit materials is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. Ship your exhibit materials to

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

Mpigi Road



Attn: General Manager and Front Office Manager


Remember that you are shipping your materials to Uganda and therefore must deal with Ugandan Customs.

Taxes and fees If you plan to sell merchandise at the meeting, you will need to comply with all Ugandan and local licensing laws and taxes. It is your responsibility to call the office of the Ugandan Comptroller of Public Accounts to determine how to comply with these laws.

Accommodations See the Accommodation Information that is included in the meeting information on the IPS Congress website ( to plan your accommodations. Please note that it may be difficult to arrange your accommodations prior to registering for the Congress, so please consider registering for the Congress first. There are a variety of different accommodations available and they are all listed and described on the website. So far, things have worked smoothly, particularly at the conference venue, the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel.

Special donations to support the IPS Congress If you are unable to exhibit materials for our Congress, but wish to offer support for IPS, we ask that you consider a donation to our organization. Registered exhibitors may also wish to add a donation to their regular exhibitor fees. Donors will be specially recognized in the published meeting program. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Steve Schapiro, Ph.D.

Treasurer and VP for Membership, International Primatological Society

President, American Society of Primatologists



650 Cool Water Dr.

Bastrop, TX 78602

001 (512) 321-3991

001 (512) 332-5208 (fax)

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