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Excursions during IPS 2006

To the 2006 IPS Congress delegates wishing to track mountain gorillas

Dear Delegate,

Restrictions on the number of people tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda means that a limited number of gorilla tracking opportunities are available at any one time. The demand for gorilla permits is even higher during the peak summer months of June-September during which the congress will take place. As such, bookings need to be placed well in advance (up to 2 years in advance).

Happily, we have made arrangements with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to keep 210 slots open for gorilla tracking by the IPS Congress delegates during the period 11 June to 14th July 2006. This special arrangement is tenable up to July 31st 2005, after which unreserved slots will be made available for sale again in the open market.

If you wish to track gorillas, we encourage you to take advantage of this arrangement to make your bookings. To place a booking, please send an email to the Uganda Wildlife Authority indicating that you will be attending the congress and the date and the park (Bwindi Impenetrable OR Mgahinga Gorilla National Park) in which you would like to track gorillas. After reserving the gorilla permit with UWA, you have the choice to arrange for your own trip or seek the help of a tour operator to organize for you the safari. For a list of recommended tour operators visit the Tourism services page. The Uganda Wildlife Authority will then advice on the mode of payment as well as on the transport and accommodation options for your trip.

For specific information on gorilla tracking, visit this link.

To check out other places of tourist interest in Uganda, please visit the sites and

Enjoy your trip

Yours Sincerely,

Organizing Committee of the 2006 IPS Congress

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