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IPS Student Awards Guidelines

IPS Student Awards for Outstanding Paper and Poster Presentations

Students are eligible to prize awards awarded by the IPS Education Committee for the best oral paper and poster paper presentations at the IPS congress. In order to prepare a presentation that will be competitive and appropriate, please refer to IPS Education Committee guidelines for Judging Student Presentations.

To be eligible for an award, the following criteria must be met:

1. The student must be the first author, but need not be sole author.

2. The individual must be a student when abstracts are submitted. Please indicate on the Presentation information form whether graduate or undergraduate student.

3. The student must be a current member of IPS. You may join IPS now by contacting Dr. Steven Schapiro, IPS Treasurer (

4. The student must present the paper or attend the poster.

5. Past winners are ineligible.

6. If the student cannot attend the meeting to which an abstract has been submitted, the abstract should be withdrawn in writing no less than 5 days before the start of the meeting. Failure to follow this policy will disqualify the student from future competitions. If the student wishes to withdraw from the competition, but still present the paper/poster, the Vice President for Education should be notified of this change before the meeting.

7. An extra copy of the abstract and Presentation Information Form must be included in the mailing to the IPS Congress Organizers

8. Students wishing a copy of their evaluations should contact: Anne Savage, Ph.D., Disney’s Animal Kingdom, PO Box 10000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32820, email:

9. For questions about the competition, please contact Dr. Anne Savage.

Each paper/poster will be judged with regard to the quality of the study being reported and the quality of the presentation. The following attributes will be rated:

1. Study design

2. Originality of the work to the field of primatology

3. Significance of the work to the field of primatology

4. Organization of the presentation

5. Delivery and effective presentation style

6. Visual aids

The winner of the best paper presentation and best poster presentation will be awarded $100.00

Student prize winners will be encouraged to submit their work to the International Journal of Primatology for publication. Prize winners will be listed in the following year’s meeting issue of the journal and in the IPS Bulletin, and their abstracts will be published on the Society’s web page.

Our thanks to the American Society of Primatologists for providing the framework for this award.

Please see IPS Education Committee Guidelines. Intending participants must complete and submit a Student Competition Presentation Information Form.

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